Do you live in Edinburgh?

So your washing machine has broken down and the engineer can only see you in the next couple of days….laundry is piling up and you can’t get to a laundromat. Here’s a solution…just fill out this form and our driver will come around and collect it. As you know we do all our collections and deliveries weeknights anywhere between 7-9pm

Normally we wash lights separate from darks (unless you are happy to accept the risk we can wash everything together) and we charge £9.95 per 5kg of dry laundry to be washed, dried and neatly folded. Please bear in mind if you have a bunch of bath towels that need to be done, we can probably only do 2 at a time in our 5kg machine because they are quite big and fluffy

Are you a visiting Edinburgh on holiday or business?

We offer a ‘Serviced Wash” service where you drop off your laundry with us and we will have it washed, dried and neatly folded for you. We know you that you might be visiting Edinburgh on holiday and you would rather spend your time visiting our stunning city instead of being stuck in a laundromat doing it yourself (that’s why we don’t have coin operated machines in our business)

So if you need you laundry back the same day, you need to be quick as only the first 5 bags of laundry that are dropped off with us before 9am (we open at 8am weekdays)  will have it ready for collection by 6.30pm that day (we close at 7pm weeknights)….I am afraid same day does not apply on Saturdays because we close at 1pm so anything dropped on a Saturday will be ready for collection at 6.30pm on Monday evening. Don’t forget that we can send you an email as soon as your order is ready for collection…we will show you what to do when you drop off your laundry.

We charge £9.95 per 5kg of laundry and if you prefer your dark and lights washed separately that will work out to £19.90. But if want you save some money and happy to accept the risk we can wash everything together for £9.95 per 5kg (that’s about the size as one of the plastic laundry bags you get in hotel rooms)

If you that prefer to have your laundry to dried at a low temperature there is an additional charge of £5.00 because as you can appreciate it takes longer than a regular dry and uses more energy.

If you think you won’t be back in-time to collect….we can deliver to the hotel for an additional £5.00. That would have to be paid when you drop off and be sure you have your hotel room & address details etc etc to hand.

I bet as you are reading this….you are thinking….why don’t we just collect and deliver your laundry to the hotel?

We have done this in the past but we experienced way too many challenges for example: the front desk staff accidentally handed laundry to their “in-house” laundry company so when when my driver arrived to collect it had already been sent to the other company and the customer was charged hotel rates to get their smalls washed and ironed.  Customer was not happy with us even though we tried to explain it was down to front desk staff…totally beyond our control and that’s why we stopped doing collections at hotels.