Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a laundry collection and delivery to guests in hotels?

I am afraid we only offer a delivery service (weeknights anywhere between 7.00-9.00pm) to visitors staying in hotels in and around Edinburgh…So if you would like to have your laundry delivered to hotel that evening, you will need to drop off  (and pay) with us before 9am weekdays.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Apple Pay





Android Pay

Where are you located on Morrison Street?

We are situated next to a sandwich shop called “Bite Me” (Where Grove Street joins Morrison Street)

Where can I park my car?

There is a single yellow line on the north side of Morrison Street (across the road from the shop)…which is on the right hand side as you are travelling down from the EICC

Can you dry clean kilts?

Yes we can clean and press the full 3pc Highland outfit or just the kilt on its own…as per you prefer.

Do you offer same day or overnight dry cleaning service?

Sorry, afraid not! The quickest we can offer is next day but the garment needs to be in the shop by 9am

How can I arrange a collection if I am a first-time user?

Please call 0131 516 2952 with your mobile number handy and you have to have residential address in Edinburgh….or simply fill in the form in our collection segment

I recently bought a coat from a charity shop but it smells rather "fusty," will dry cleaning remove that smell?

Dry cleaning is good for removing grease and grime from garments but I am afraid that all smells and odours cannot be removed…this also includes garments with a very strong perfume. But with our new eco-cleaning machine we are getting some fantastic results and our customers are saying their garments do smell fresher. Furthermore there is none of that strong chemical odour that you normally smell once a garment has been dry cleaned.

Do you dry clean curtains?

Yes we do that you are looking at £9.95 per kilo.

Can you launder duvets and quilts?

Yes we can…that’s both feather and poly-fibre and you’re looking at 2 working day turnaround.

When does your pick up and delivery service to residential homes operate?

We do all our residential collections and deliveries weeknights between the hours of 7 and 9pm.

Can I request an exact time for an evening collection or delivery?

Sorry I am afraid not because as you know it is quite difficult getting around Edinburgh with all the roadworks, increased road traffic and with the new 20mph speed limit in place. But what we do is send you an SMS when we are about 15 minutes away.