Party On

Don’t stress!!! You’re enjoying an awesome night out with your friends and you know this is bound to happen…..somebody bumps into you and their drink splashes onto you new expensive dress you bought specially for the evening. STOP! Step away from the stain. DO NOT rub it with one of those dreaded red napkins because that red dye we cannot remove. just dab the stain and get the garment to us as soon as possible……more importantly PARTY ON !!!!

Remember to give us as much information as possible when dropping off the garment because the more we know about the stains, the better the result. We know this might seem trivial but even on a white dress, clear spirits or even white white stains are not visible to the naked eye but left untreated they sugar will caramelise during the the dry cleaning process. That’s why you will see brown stains after being dry cleaned. So that’s why its important to let us know where and what caused the stains so we can treat it with our amazing sprays.