These are all the items we can dry clean:

2 Piece Suit Trousers Jacket Trousers (Silk) Trousers (Linen) Jacket (Silk) Jacket (Linen) Jacket (False Fur Collar) Jacket (Puffa) Jacket (Fur Effect) Evening Dinner Suit Waistcoat Kilt Kilt Jacket Skirt (Plain) Skirt (Long) Skirt (Pleated) Skirt (Part Pleated) Skirt: (Silk Long) Skirt: (Silk Short) Coat (Mid Length) Coat (Long:Overcoat, Cape) Coat (Fake Fur) Coat:(Full Acrylic) Coat:(Puffa) Coat: Raincoat Full Length Dress (Plain) Dress (Delicate) Dress (Evening) Dress (Silk) Dress:(Silk/Cocktail) Dress (Beaded/Sequins) Dress:(Half Pleat) Dress:(Silk Jacket & Dress) Dress:Long Cocktail Blouse (Plain) Blouse (Silk) Blouse (Beaded/Sequins) Shirt (Dry Clean) Scarf Knitwear Sweater Tie (Silk) Hats Pashmina Trousers – Press Only Jacket – Press Only Skirt – Press Only Dress – Press Only.....Turnaround time is normally 2 days but if you can get the garment to us before 9am weekdays, we should have it ready for collection the next day* (*Conditions apply)