About Us

Quick bit of history: We opened our doors when the recession was beginning to kick off back in August 2010 and many people said we were crazy starting a brand new business at this time….to compound the misery we had to contend with Edinburgh Trams that were being built on our street. Subsequently we lost many customers simply because the street (a major thoroughfare into Edinburgh) was completely shut for 18 months. I have to confess it was a very challenging time but we survived with a very simple recipe….

We believe we only get one chance to win your trust: We need to get it right the first time because in the business world we know there are no second chances. Once we have earned your trust, we are committed to consistently maintaining top class service.

There is nothing worse than getting home to a find that small tomato sauce stain on your cuff is still visible…Not to mention the inconvenience of having to return the garment, get it recleaned and having to collect it again. We believe your time is precious and we don’t take that for granted

Combined with our exceptional service, you the paying customer are the most important person in our business …..we must be doing something right.

Never mind what we think, our customers think so too.. why not take a look at our “Customer Feedback” page at the top of this page.