February 11, 2015

We’ve been using LeMe for a few months now and all the other reviews (on his website or on are correct. Jody really has a superb work ethic and brilliant customer service. It’s how service should be!

My last item of clothing was a jacket which, upon handing over, I noticed had a rip in the seam of the sleeve. Jody said no problem he’d get his tailor to quote for fixing it and had texted me back within an hour to confirm the price. It’s an excellent way to communicate. He’s done the same thing for suit trousers for my husband and it’s those little extras that really keep us going back. I’ve had duvets cleaned there and he kept the bags I’d delivered them in so that when I picked them up I could carry them back easily. Scrupulously honest. If I’d have been organised enough to drop off the duvets at 8am I could have picked them up the next day. That’s amazing… everywhere else I used to go quoted a week’s wait!

LeMe is open till 7pm on weekdays which is a Godsend as I don’t have to rush back from work. He’s also opens at 8am so you can organise your life a lot better if needed. My husband and I both like the texts to keep you updated, be it costs or when stuff is ready.

LeMe is really superb and does a great job every time.

Best wishes, Suzanne